Antique French Wax Head Mannequin Siegel Paris
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Description :(Scroll down to see enlarged views) Old French Department store Siegel mannequin with wax head, human hair, painted eyes, articulated wood movable arms, composition legs and feet with some chipping here and there, cloth and papiermache chest with Siegel Paris advertising and old distressed rubber hands. This is an adult mannequin with age surface wear. The rubber hands are fragile as they have stress marks on the fingers and one has been glued back on. His head can turn and look different directions. He also has human hair still on his eyebrows. There is a metal door that opens on his chest and it is hollow inside, great place to hide treasures! I was told this mannequin is from the 1920's Paris. He looks like Jack the Ripper. The hats, capes and clothes shown are sold separately. His hands are supposed to screw into the wooden arms, they are connected and screwed in but I haven't been able to screw them all the way in so he is being sold as found. He comes apart at the waist and the legs and hips are all one piece so it will be a large box. His wax head is discolored and eerie with age. His eyes are painted and he looks shifty. If you like antique wax headed things, you will like this mannequin.
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