Fejee Mermaid Side Show Gaff
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Description :(Scroll down to see enlarged views) This is a Fejee mermaid sideshow gaff made by someone to resemble the real Fejee mermaid. It used to belong to a magician. As the story goes, there was a real Fejee mermaid acquired by a sea captain, Samuel Barrett Eades in 1822 from a Japanese fisherman in the East Indies. Then it was exhibited by P.T. Barnum in 1842 and advertised as the missing link between humans and fish in Barnum's American Museum. In 1865 the museum was ravaged by fire and the mermaid was believed to be destroyed. There have been conflicting reports that the mermaid was rescued by a fireman but no one knows for sure. This one lays in an old metal box that I fixed up for it with custom art on the top. The box is 9" long x 5" wide. The pictures don't do it justice as this thing is awesome! A great addition to your collection of oddities!
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