MASTERING WITCHCRAFT by Paul Huson c. 1970
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Description :(Scroll down to see enlarged views) This very wicked book was printed in 1970, and has illustrations and drawings by the author, Paul Huson. Full of rituals, spells, and incantations as well as formularies. Old witchcraft and magic occult book, black hard cover with red lettering on the spine and embossed Zodiac wheel on the front board. 159 pages. 8 1/2" x 6". See pictures for contents, has illustrations and occult info and spells. Very interesting, filled with supernatural info. Some of the topics include ; Natural magic, the black arts, witchcraft, exorcism, sorcery, spiritualism, clairvoyancy, magical symbols and tools, convocation and conjuration of entities, Necromancy, AND MORE!
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