Moon Child - Rare Antique Book by Aleister Crowley
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Description :(Scroll down to see enlarged views) This amazing old novel was written by Aleister Crowley and was published by the Dove Press, Samuel Weiser, Inc. New York. The cover boards are a dark rose color and the dust jacket is black with bone color artwork. The dust jacket has some fragile thin wear to the paper at the front ends of the boards but the whole thing is covered with an old mylar jacket which I left on for further protection. The mylar has a couple of holes in it but the paper jacket underneath is good. There are 335 pages full of dark arts, rituals, sacraficial ceremonies, sex and more. See photos of contents. 8 1/2" x 6". I found this book recently in a little book store known as the farthest west book store in the US. It was on the last island of the Hawaiian Islands.
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