Old Buzzard Betty - Swamp Woman Conjure Doll
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Description :(Scroll down to see enlarged views) "Old Buzzard Betty", large 28" hoodoo conjure doll custom made from found vintage objects and with piercing glass eyes. She is wearing an antique mourning collar, a custom made smock, a real rattlesnake head and a whimsical antique hat with lizard, skull, doll and gator charms. She has a bracelet made with old bone dice and sits with an old Snake Oil bottle and a real bone and skull conjure rattle in her lap. She comes with 2 necklaces, one carved antique beads and one real snake vertebrae. She also has an extra long old black head puncture pin. She is very dark and has spindly fingers and wild real human hair. One of a Kind, Dark Art Creation, Wicked Wares by Crystal. Add personal items if you wish! Lots of hoodoo character in this doll! Sold as a curio only.
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