Rare Old Occult Book, The Great Book of Magical Art
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Description :(Scroll down to see enlarged views) This amazing book was printed in 1939, and was authored / published by the famous occultist Dr. L.W. De Laurence. The cover boards are marbled in red and black with gold embossing on the front board and spine. There are lots of full-page sepia colored plates, along with several black and white illustrations, magical charts, seals, and tables within the book. This large, thick hardbound book contains 635 pages of detailed information, and actually contains the full text of two separate books. Book one is titled “ The book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic, and East Indian Occultism”, and book two is titled “The Book of Secret Hindu, Ceremonial and Talismanic Magic”. Some of the topics include ; Natural magic, alchemy and alchemical magic, Talisman magic, the black arts, witchcraft, Vampirism, the Cabala and Cabalistic magic, exorcism, sorcery, spiritualism, religion, clairvoyantcy, magical symbols and tools, convocation and conjuration of entities, the astral plane, mediumship, Necromancy, meanings of dreams and visions, Hindu magic, astral projection, demonology, possession, etc….. This book usually sells for $430 in rare books stores but it has been taped on the inside front spine hinge and has some internal written notes and highlighting here and there so I am pricing it lower. Still intact with lots of hard to find occult information. 11" x 7 1/2"
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