Wicked Occult Travel Kit
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Description :(Scroll down to see enlarged views) This is a Victorian lap desk revamped into a wicked occultist's travel kit. It has added photographic art work and many magical vials and treasures. Take it with you on your trips to add a little bit of home and magic to your hotel room. Some of the contents include: an old scrying mirror, a black candle and black chalk, box of matches, chunks of crystal and pyrite to enhance riches and psychic awareness, a vintage incense burner, a roll of charcoal tablets to burn incense, my secret blend of Red Devil Smoking Hot incense, vials of real mugwort, myrrh, mandrake and witch hazel, novelty vials of bat blood and snake oil, a pre-owned 1911 diary that still has room for additional notes, iron stick pins, a vintage scooping spoon and a skull ring. The box has compartments and everything compacts to fit inside and close. It measures 11" long x 4" high by 8" front to back. A Dark Art Creation, Wicked Wares by Crystal
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