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Come take a stroll through our website shop for macabre old statuary, menacing ironwork & haunting mortuary decor. Light your way through the darkness of a forsaken Victorian era parlor with bewitching chandeliers, candelabras, votive stands & antique sconces. Revamp your sinful boudoir with nocturnal period clothing; phantom opera cloaks, grotesque Estate jewelry, vintage masks, wicked old hat pins & fascinating mourning collectibles. To complete your visit, browse for old medical curiosities, anatomy charts, disturbing old undertaker/surgical tools, embalming fluid jars, bones, apothecary bottles & strange old books.

A touch of Transylvania to be found here!
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- Most of the items we sell are old, antique, vintage and previously used. The Wicked Wares by Crystal are Dark Art Creations designed and created from altered antiques with added original art photos and found vintage objects. Some accessory items and some masks are ordered new. For clarification on any item, just ask. Some weapons and medical tools are SHARP! Be careful not to cut yourself as we are not responsible for bloody accidents! Some of the items in the apothecary jars are authentic and some are faux and sold for decor and curio purposes only - DO NOT CONSUME! BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK AND ENJOY!! Shipping prices may vary for international buyers. Please choose your purchase carefully as All Sales are Final. ALL CONTENT, DESIGNS AND IMAGES ON THIS WEBSITE ARE PROPERTY OF GOTHIC ROSE ANTIQUES, COPYRIGHT 2006- - DO NOT COPY!!!
We buy Estates or single items and prefer the Bizarre and the Beautiful¯. If you have something old and unusual to sell, please contact us. If you are looking for something in particular, we keep an ongoing customer Want List¯ and will search for you during our Treasure Hunts!
Our brick and mortar stores in Petaluma and Placerville no longer exist, we will now be selling online only on this website and at some Antique Faires and Pagan Festivals. We also sell on Etsy under the name Gothic Rose Antiques. Please take a look there as you will find many more antiques listed for sale than what you see on this website. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GothicRoseAntiques

Payment - ( paypal and credit card payments accepted)

Dark Design Consultation, Store Front Windows, Set Dressing, Prop Rentals and Visual Merchandising Available by Appointment. To date, we have supplied authentic antique props to Deon Taylor Enterprises for their TV series, "Nite Tales", Porter Media Group and Imagination Theater for "Dracula", Fire Five Productions and Columbia Pictures out of New York and we were approached by HBO for props for their last season of "Carnivale".

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Do you have something unusual to sell? We buy things that are Old and Macabre, Haunting and Unusual or Dark and Romantic that look like they came out of Dracula's Castle or an Old Cemetery, Opera House Theatre, Mortuary, Funeral Home, Victorian Boudoir, Bordello, Haunted House, Circus, Freak Sideshow, Carnival, Gypsy Caravan, Wax Museum, Insane Asylum, Horror Movie, Alchemy Laboratory or Dungeon. Contact us with what you have to sell - the Older, the Better! 916-769-6898


Appearing from the past on our Home Page
Inspirational 19th century Sideshow Performers

Little Master Gabriel¯
21 years old,
 38 inches tall

19 years old,
 the only armless
Half-Woman on Earth

Frances O Connor

Armless Lady from
 the Sells Floto Circus

Jolly Trixie

Fat Lady
Age 27, 685 pounds,
 5'5 tall, Bust 68,
 Hips 67, Shoe size 6

Miss Gertie Plath

Fat Lady
 Fortune Teller
Age 22, 517 pounds

The Little Esquimaux Lady
Miss Olof Krarer
Age, 29 years

Major Atom
Smallest Character Artist

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Thumb
Commodore Nutt, Minnie Warren
 and P.T. Barnum, Esq.

Annie Jones
Bearded Lady

Harry the Hermaphrodite

Geo Bell¯
Giant - Age 22, 8 feet 2 inches tall,
 350 pounds, shoe size 23

Guadalupe & Josephina
Conjoined Twins born 1912
Library Secret Garden Haunting Antique Decor Art & Sculpture Laboratory & Curiosities Mortuary Boudoir